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Tuesday June 26th, 2012 20:22 Listen To This: Britton Morgan, “Castles”

Here at We Heart Pop I get a lot of emails from aspiring artists and their publicists with links to countless different Youtube channels and Soundcloud accounts. More often than not the material is questionable, but once in awhile a song and artist come along that’s worth posting about. Case and point, “Castles,” by a one Mr. Britton Morgan. Looking something like a modern-day Tone-Loc, Morgan has both a contemporary sound and a radio-friendly flow that could easily become a big brand with a little help from a major label. If anything, I’m sure somebody could benefit from Morgan‘s strong writing talents as his completely original “Castles,” boasts a plethora of sique  and playful rhymes: ”Why do you find love offending/If my heart is for the lending/If you feel I’ll break your heart, I’ll hold it while your are bending/Bending over, bending over, bending over.” And my personal favorite: Love is like a Lotto ticket/I play, but I never get it.”

In terms of instrumentation, the completely original track boasts a playful R&B back beat that’s peppered by whispy undertones and a resonating swirl of ambient atmospherica. It’s all rather catchy (and fun!), especially when Morgan confidently asks: ”Exterior your beautiful but, what are you like on the inside?”

Well Mr. Morgan, I’m made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I’m not sure the same can be said about the purse weilding brunette in your Donny Arcade-directed music video, but it’s strangely entertaining nonetheless.

Check out “Castles,” and it’s accompanying video, above!


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