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Tuesday December 4th, 2012 15:21 We Heart Pop Essentials: Another ‘Step Up’ For The Record Books.

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of viewing the 4th installment in the Step Up movie franchise titled, Step Up Revolution. Let’s get the obvious out of the way: The acting sucked. That being said, the choreography and musical direction were out of this world! Plus, I fell in love with a one Mr. Ryan Guzman who is my new husband whether he likes it or not.

Anyway, this is where you need to pay attention. First, get familiar with the official movie soundtrack, which you can peep after the jump. I’ll have you know there isn’t a single dud on the entire album, however, there are a handful of GREAT songs which appear in the film that are not featured on the soundtrack. They are (this is where you REALLY need to pay attention):  ”Undone” by Haley Reinhart, ”Words” by Skylar Grey, ”Buyou” by Keri Hilson featuring J.Cole, ”Dancing” by ElisaThe Glitch Mob‘s remix of “Monday” by Nalepa, ”Fortune Days” by The Glitch Mob, “Shut The Lights Up” remixed by Ricky Luna, ”Prituri Se Planinata” (NiT GriT Remix) by Stellamara, “Wait” by M83, “Pyramid Song” (Zed‘s Dead Illuminati Remix) by Radiohead, ”Hear Me Coming” by Yung Joc, ”Ants” and “If You Crump Stand Up” by edIT, “Let It Roll” by Flo Rida, and “Aquarium” by Nosaj Thing.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be “Ants” by edIT, “Bring It Back” by Travis Porter (track number 9 on the soundtrack), and the following video, which is actually set to the former:


All three are extremely inspiring, so get familiar with the replay button for it is about to become your BEST FRIEND!

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Thursday July 26th, 2012 12:48 Video Premiere: Jennifer Lopez Featuring Flo Rida ‘Goin In’

WARNING: This video contains enough abdominal muscles, nuclear ass-drops, flashy costumes, laser-lights, hair-flips, wild animals, tricked out cars, fierce choreography, diamond-crusted lips, and porcelain-paint-filled-grenades to cause any queen, donkey, and or breeder instant heart failure. Watch at your own risk. Viewer discretion is advised.

Now that that’s out of the way: Jennifer Lopez has just premiered her latest video for, “Goin In,” featuring Flo Rida, and it’s a fuckin‘ doozy! During the 4-minute clip, J.Lo claims her stake as the hottest Mami in the game, donning an array of the sexiest, most fashion forward looks while simultaneously showing off her incredible body (can you believe this mother of two just turned 43?). Her dancing is a tad-bit stiff, almost like she’s trying too hard, but she looks so damn good that the three fucks I gave went right out the window. If that’s not enough for ya, then the plethora of amazing sets, sharp choreography, and hypnotizing color schemes should be. The song itself is a little hectic and all over the place, but the video acts like the glitter and perfume that disguises the stinky shit into a pretty ornament.

“Goin In” was produced by LMFAO‘s frequent contributor GoonRook and will act as the first promotional single for the major motion picture, Step Up Revolution, but can also be found on Lopez‘s newly released greatest hits compilation, Dance Again…The Hits.

Now sit down, shut up, and watch! (It’s highly recommended that those of you over the age of 30 have your Life Alerts readily available!)

Tonight we goin Orangutan. Bananas!

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Tuesday June 26th, 2012 22:20 Dance Again: Jennifer Lopez Announces Greatest Hits Compilation

J.Lo is about to drop The Hits on our asses!

Many have been wondering if the 44-year old singer-songwriter-model-mother-American Idol judge’s latest singles, “On The Floor” featuring Pitbull, “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull, and “Goin’ In” featuring Flo Rida, were apart of a greatest hits collection or a fraction of an entirely new LP. Well, it turns out that J.Lo and her team have decided to go in the greatest hits direction. The compilation titled, Dance Again…The Hits, will contain over a dozen career spanning smashes as well as the superstar diva’s three most recent singles (mentioned above). What’s more, the deluxe edition features three additional tracks and a DVD with all the videos from the respective tracks. I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be picking up a copy when it drops on July 24th. There’s just much fierceness and too many classic singles to pass up.

Check out Dance Again…The Hits official album art, above, and official tracklisting, below!

1. Dance Again (featuring Pitbull)
2. Goin’ In (featuring Flo Rida)
3. I’m Into You (featuring Lil Wayne)
4. On The Floor (featuring Pitbull)
5. Love Don’t Cost A Thing
6. If You Had My Love
7. Waiting For Tonight
8. Get Right (featuring Fabolous)
9. Jenny From The Block (Track Masters Remix featuring Styles P. & Jadakiss)
10. I’m Real (Remix featuring Ja Rule)
11. Do It Well
12. Ain’t It Funny (Remix featuring Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah)
13. Feelin’ So Good (Remix featuring Big Pun & Fat Joe)

Deluxe Edition: Bonus Tracks
14. All I Have (featuring LL Cool J)
15. Que Hiciste
16. Let’s Get Loud

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Tuesday April 10th, 2012 16:19 J.Lo Brings The Hotness In New Video For “Dance Again”

Ay Dios Mio!

Last Thursday evening Jennifer Lopez premiered the jaw dropping video for her blazing new single “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull. The 42 year-old mother of dos serves up a whole lot of sexiness in the glitter glazed Paul Hunter-directed clip. Watch as Jenny from the block defies gravity, engages in some tantalizing foreplay with a pile of scantily clad models, and unleashes an EPIC dance breakdown with her current boy toy, back-up dance Casper Smart, that quite literally keeps every pop chick in the game pressed into oblivion.

And THAT’S how it’s done ladies and gentlemen!

Bow Down to the LEGENDARY Miss Lopez bitches!

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Monday April 2nd, 2012 23:29 Single Premiere: Jennifer Lopez “Dance Again”

Just as promised, Jennifer Lopez has premiered her brand new single, “Dance Again,” featuring Pitbull. As mentioned before, the track will act as either the lead single from her eighth studio album or as the main selling point on a new greatest hits compilation. Mum is still the word. “Dance Again” was produced by RedOne so it’s no surprise that it’s more or less “On The Floor” part deux, but that doesn’t mean it sucks. Jennifer just wants to “dance, love, and dance again.” Is that a crime? No, but having to listen to Pitbull spit two versus while rhyming “rumor” with “luna” certainly is. All of the lame rapping aside, “Dance Again” is a starry eyed surprise with enough catchiness and edge to score Miss Lopez another worldwide smash.

Enjoy the full song, below!

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Thursday March 29th, 2012 19:37 Is A New Era From Jennifer Lopez In The Mix?

Well this is the most exciting news I’ve heard in quite sometime!

Apparently Jennifer Lopez has a brand-new single on the horizon. The song titled, “Dance Again,” features Pitbull and will premiere on Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show Friday (March 30). Additionally, it will be available for purchase on iTunes by Monday (April 2), so plan your calendars tentatively. “Dance Again” was produced by RedOne who also worked with Lopez on past hits “Papi” and “On The Floor.” It’s no surprise then, that the starry-eyed urban flavored dance jam feels very familiar. No matter though, it still sounds fantastic!” A guaranteed smash, if you will!

There’s Still no word if “’Dance Again” will head a new studio album or a heavily-rumored Greatest Hits collection.

Moreover, the music video for “Dance Again” will premiere on American Idol next Thursday (April 5)!

In the meantime, peep the official single art, above, and listen to a clip of “Dance Again,” below!

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Monday November 21st, 2011 22:57 The AMA’s Rock the House!

If you didn’t get the chance to catch the spectacular AMA’s last night or just want to relive the oodles of “Grade A” performances then you’re in luck!

2111122594 by YardieGoals

I don’t know if I can choose “the best” performance because there were a few stand-outs. J.Lo was especially on point last night– at the Nokia Theater in LA–taking to the stage in a beautiful flowing beige number she opened her medley with “Until It Beats No More,” an emotional ballad, to which she nailed the live vocals. Moving into her second song, “Papi,” Jennifer graced the audience with the song’s epic music-video choreography before inviting Pitbull on the stage to assist her with her career hit “On The Floor.” Everything about the 6 minute extravaganza was absolutely flawless!

211112195947 by YardieGoals

Another stand-out was show opener Nicki Minaj. Her live vocals were heavily assisted by a backing track during her and David Guetta‘s percolating collaboration, ”Turn Me On,” but Ms. Minaj harmonized well and owned the stage like a seasoned super-star in her futiristic boom-box, Svedka Robot-inspired outfit. Aesthetically, Nicki‘s set was by far the most awe inducing with its lights and wires and futuristic stylings. It reminded me of a Daft Punk meets “Till The World Ends” fusion of awesomeness.

21111222851 by YardieGoals

Chris Brown also gets an honorable mention for his ability to simultaneously own the live vocals on his new ballad, “All Back,” slay the iconic choreography of his most recent dance track, “Say It With Me,” and lug around the biggest penis in rap. I mean, it’s a shame this guy is such an asshole, because he is truly talented. He could truly compete with some of “the greats” in terms of raw talent and star quality.

2111122453 by YardieGoals

Another one who impressed me at last night’s show was Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias, with his church choir renditions of mega hits “I Like How it Feels,” and “Tonight” featuring Ludacris.

211112211346 by YardieGoals

Something else I noticed that intrigued me was despite the fact that Ryan Tedder‘s vocals were a bit iffy during the majority his and OneRepublic‘s performance of “Good Life,” it was still absolutely mezmerizing. Enough so to garner a standing ovation after the last flawless note (he pulled that shit together at the end) poured from his adorable little face.

2111122211 by YardieGoals

Rounding out the best performances of the evening is Adam Lavine who looked fine as ever as he took the stage with Snooki Umpa Lumpa-Eating Aguilera to sing their insanely catchy ear-worm hit “Moves Like Jagger.” Chrisitna was actually the worst part of this entire number. She looked like she just ate her body double and then tried to squeeze into a sequenced tube sock. Not cute! And her vocals were annoying. Levine then broke free from the evil clutches of Floptina‘s vortex of floppiness to join the Gym Class Heores on their number one radio smash “Stereo Hearts” –a nice performance overall that would have been FLAWLESS without what’s her face.

Now onto the fun part: criticism (yay!)

21111221311 by YardieGoals

First of all, Katy Perry is absolutely the worst singer ever! She did however play the guitar during her entire set of “The One That Got Away,” and belted a redeeming note at the 4:05 second mark, but overall her vocals were almost hard to handle. Oh, and she looked like a poodle.

And that brings us to my least favorite performance of the evening: Kelly Clarkson, “Mr. Know It All (Barftastic Blue Grass Remix.)” I don’t know what else to say besides, WOOF!

Kelly‘s vocals weren’t anything to scoff at by any means, but the folk spin they applied to the music was unbearable. Towards the end the tempo even seemed off. Seriously whose decision was this? FIRED!

Also, I wasn’t a huge fan of Kelly‘s hair or dress. I hate to break it to you lovey, but Mariah already pulled that off at the 2005 VMA’s. Black sister, black is your color!

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Thursday September 29th, 2011 16:52 New Enrique featuring J.Lo, ‘Mouth 2 Mouth’

Wow! I’m loving this, even though the instrumental sounds a lot like a slowed version of Kitty Purry‘s California Girls.

So without further adieu, check out the new Enriquetta jam featuring Hennifer Lopez titled Mouth 2 Mouth! The moody and sensually vibed track hails from the upcoming re-release of Enrique‘s most recent effort Euphoria, available November 15th.

I think it’s much more flattering than the god awful, I Like How It Feels featuring Pit Bull, also to be featured on the Euphoria re-release this coming November.

What do you think?

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Monday September 19th, 2011 10:43 (Must Watch) Video Premiere: Jennifer Lopez, ‘Papi’


Words cannot describe how undeniably creative and fierce this truly is. I just cant.

Check out the best video I have seen in quite some-time from none other than Miz Hennifer Lynn Lopez. The clip for Jennifer‘s third Love? single, Papi, centers around a quirky romantic comedy-esque story-line, but the real fun starts around the 3:14 mark when Jen and company partake in a sort of chaotic but fun-loving flash mob dance sequence. It’s flawless, fun, and undeniably stylish. I seriously can’t even find the words to explain to you how wonderful this production really is.

So I guess I’ll stop blabbering and let you get to it. Enjoy!

What do you think? Pretty fucking amazing, is it not?

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Wednesday June 15th, 2011 12:21 Gaga & J.Lo perform on X-Factor France

Check out Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez’s performances on X-Factor France June 14. J.Lo’s performance was visually pleasing yet her vocal prowess was limited to that of a mediocre kareoke display. Gaga on the other hand sounded great yet her dancing was quite amateur. Witness it for yourselves, below.

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